Vision and Values



Vision Statement


Our vision is to bring out the best in our pupils, our staff and our communities.


We aim to give our pupils the best start in life through providing a creative and happy learning environment where achievement, mutual respect and self-esteem are valued.

We aim to empower our pupils to have the necessary knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and understanding to make a positive contribution in a changing world both locally and globally.


We will:-

· Create safe, supportive, caring environments where children can flourish.

· Provide a broad, balanced, child-centred creative curriculum which is both accessible and appropriate to all our pupils.

· Demonstrate, expect and celebrate excellence in Achievement, Behaviour and Character.

· Develop and nurture an outstanding staff team.

· Be rigorous in the pursuit of inclusion and equity.

· Forge strong partnerships with parents and families.

· Work cooperatively within the trust and with other schools, organisations and stakeholders.

· Equip children to become responsible global citizens, caring for the natural world and making wise, informed choices.

· Involve the school in the community and the community in the school.



Ethos and Values


Our children will thrive within an ethos of Inclusion, Creativity and Excellence forming values and qualities that will equip them for life.



All children are provided with the resources to be successful learners, irrespective of background or ability. In a supportive environment an optimistic outlook is fostered in which children develop open and honest relationships characterised by mutual respect. They co-operate with each other across all year groups, bridging social divisions and celebrating diversity of faiths, beliefs and cultures. Children have opportunities to express a passion for justice through practical initiatives that benefit those who are disadvantaged.




Creativity embodies our approach to learning. We see creative ideas, nurtured imagination and inspired curiosity as essential ingredients to a resourceful thinker who can innovate and inspire. Combined with a Growth Mindset that never hinders potential, creative pupils craft and shape new learning and ideas fostering a culture of artistry.




Children develop key life skills to build character as well as competence. They have a zest for learning and embrace values such as hard work, self-management and reflective thinking to achieve their very best. Children from all backgrounds develop high aspirations, self-belief and an appetite for life-long learning which stands them in good stead for their future careers.