Members and Trustees



Gael Hicks

Lord Andrew Mawson

Helen Thomas

David Mann

Alyson Moore


Board of Trustees

Rebecca Burton - Chair of Trustees. Finance Committee. Appointed 28th March 2018

Linda-May Bingham - CEO - Accounting Officer - Executive Head Teacher. Finance and Curriculum Committees

Lynne Dawes - Chair of Finance Committee

Sharon Monahan -  Chair of Curriculum Committee, SEND & Inclusion link, appointed March 2021, Curriculum Committee

Helen Fernandes - appointed 10th July 2019. Safeguarding link, Vice Chair of Board, Curriculum Committee

Emily Boxer - appointed 11th December 2019, Curriculum Committee

Tim Peake - appointed 8th December 2021, Finance Committee

James Gordon - appointed 6th December 2023, Finance Committee


Parent Trustees

Samuel Obadan (Britannia Village) - appointed April 2023, Curriculum Committee

David Verroken (Royal Wharf) - appointed October 2021, Curriculum Committee



Mr Greg Robbins - Clerk to Trustees


Contact details:

The Chair and Vice-Chair can be contacted via the school office.